We meet and exceed the world’s filtration needs.

For half a century, KMS has been a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane filtration systems serving a global marketplace. We develop the finest filtration membranes, build custom and engineered systems for a broad array of industries, and provide superior technical and customer service support.

With a worldwide installed base approaching 20,000 systems, we continue to set the standard as an industry-leading membrane system provider. Our solutions are at work today in a wide variety of markets that include municipal and industrial water and wastewater processing; dairy, juice, and wine processing; industrial biotechnology; and many more. We help thousands of industries reduce their water footprint, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

We solve the world’s most critical water treatment challenges. Pure and simple.

In the last 50 years, membrane filtration has emerged as the leading separation technology for water and wastewater treatment. KMS has been at the forefront of its development. Today, growing global demand for clean water, more stringent regulatory issues, and increasing environmental concerns make membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment more relevant than ever.

KMS engineers can help you customize solutions to meet your municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment needs. Our highly advanced water and wastewater treatment systems purify incoming water and clean outgoing wastewater for all types of facilities worldwide – producing water that’s pure enough for direct discharge or reuse.

Listening to customers has helped us develop the world’s most comprehensive and innovative family of membranes.

Serving a diverse range of industries and applications, we manufacture the largest array of membrane products in the industry, including microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), and reverse osmosis (RO), in hollow fiber, spiral, and tubular configurations, using a variety of membrane chemistries.  

We vigorously pursue economies of scale to bring you compact cartridge designs with maximum membrane area, improving flux, rejection, and longevity. For decades, companies have relied on us to meet any and every filtration requirement. And we’re ready to create a solution for you.